The ultimate goal of The Field's Edge is to establish a 20 acre master-planned tiny house community to permanently house some of the Permian Basin's most vulnerable on the streets.  The community will feature single resident tiny homes, community bath houses and kitchens, gardens, animals, and "micro-enterprises" to provide ways for the residents to earn sustainable income.  This is a huge plan that will take a lot of time, planning, and financial support, so we have developed an idea to create a smaller scale model to start with.  This will give us the opportunity to begin lifting people off the streets sooner, as well as show all of you how incredible this place can be.


We are searching for a 2 acre tract of land with good water that can we can use to establish a model of our village.  We will be placing several 399 sq.ft. "park model" homes on this land to begin lifting people off the streets.  The "model" will house 6-8 people (including our family), as well as displaying some model tiny homes, featuring gardens to provide work and fresh, healthy foods for our neighbors, and chickens providing fresh eggs for our neighbors.  


If you are anxious to get involved with friends on the streets now, we would be happy to point you in the right direction until we get started! When we are able to acquire land, we will establish vegetable gardens and chicken coops as soon as we have access to water.  We would love to have some gardening and chicken experts on-hand to help us get these established correctly the first time.