Breaking Bread Mobile

Wednesday morning was the inaugural run of the new Breaking Bread Mobile food truck. I cannot begin to describe how awesome it has been. The mornings are definitely early. I get to the soup kitchen to get things ready at 6 AM but every day has been so worth it. Going to where people stay, feeding them, and spending time with each individual is an experience that is second to none. On our first day, we served about 35 people, with some fantastic volunteers. We found a family with a two year old on the streets. The woman is due to have another baby in August and it broke all of our hearts. A man named Edward cried because it was overwhelming to him that people would take time out of their day to learn his name and hear his story over breakfast. I know it impacted our volunteers but even after years of serving the homeless, it impacted me. I love what is going on at Breaking Bread Mobile and hope you will consider coming out with me on a truck run one morning. Send me an email to get on the schedule

We have continued to meet with people interested in making The Field’s Edge a reality and it has been going great. The Lord continues to provide connections with people to help us in more ways than we’ve ever imagined. Briana served at Vacation Bible School at our church this week. Each child was loved and cared for and most importantly, each one heard the Gospel. There were many professions of faith and kids who became children of God. After hearing about Breaking Bread Kitchen through the missions portion of VBS, a child told his mother that they could come eat at the soup kitchen. They had no food at their house and were welcomed with love and served a delicious meal.

I am headed to Florida this week to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my friend. We are going fishing for red fish. Briana, on the other hand is diligently preparing for West Texas Philanthropy Days, a conference for non-profits that culminates with a roundtable event to pitch our idea to funders. She is also going to present to the missions committee at our church while I am gone. I literally couldn’t do all of this without her. She is the brains of the operation and is instrumental to the success of the organization. We celebrated her birthday this weekend and I am so thankful for her.

I am still having back trouble and working out appointments. The results of my MRI were not good and we are waiting to see a neurosurgeon to determine a course of action. Please pray that it doesn’t require surgery. I’ve heard over and over that back surgery rarely provides a permanent fix.

On Monday, Briana and Truma came out with me on the truck. I loved serving alongside my family and it made me excited for our lifestyle of service with our children. All of our friends on the streets light up when they see Briana and Truma, and I’m a little jealous, honestly. Truma helped us fill bags of food and provided an opportunity for our friends to laugh as she played peek-a-boo in the back of the food truck.

I left the kitchen and went to Ace Hardware to pick up some things for the house. My trip was interrupted by a call from a friend saying that she had gone by to tell our homeless friend Jay happy birthday, and when she arrived, there was a gentleman that she didn’t know in distress. He had been evicted and was suicidal. I got there as fast as I could and talked with him as best I could. I felt ill equipped but all of a sudden I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit to share The Gospel with him. It came out of my mouth before I knew what was happening. In that moment, more than anything, he needed to know that no matter what he’s done, he is never too far gone for the amazing grace of God. The crisis team with the sheriffs department came and handled the situation beautifully and worked to get him the help he needs. I won’t know what comes next for him but would you please pray for our new friend David. Pray that the Lord will heal his depression and regenerate his heart through a relationship with Christ.

 After that, I rushed to meet with our friends at Parkhill Smith and Cooper to discuss the planning for the village itself. It was so exciting and we look forward to finding the land so we can get started. We also finally placed the order for the trailer so Kahler Homes can get started building our tiny house model. We have a lead on a piece of property that is perfect for what we need. Please pray that the landowner is willing to part with it, and for provision to obtain it.

Thank you all for keeping up with our journey and praying for us. We love you!


Prayer Requests:

·      Briana as she travels to Alpine for West Texas Philanthropy Days

·      JM’s back and his trip to Florida

·      Dr. Wood gets a PET scan this week to ensure that the cancer is gone

·      Provision for us personally so we can continue to pursue The Field’s Edge full time

·      Our upcoming Steering Committee Meeting