Chugging Along

We’ve been hard at work this week continuing to do everything we can to get The Field’s Edge going. This week, we met with Texas Tech Physicians, the Assistant City Manager, Deputy Director of Airports, an interested landowner (!!!), our friends at Kahler Homes, and Marfa Public Radio, to name a few. We are trying to get as much done right now because we have a lot of things coming up that are going to require much of our time.

It feels like another season of total upheaval both spiritually and emotionally, as if God is breaking down all of the things we are comfortable with and chiseling away at our hearts, for which we are very thankful. He has also given us some burdens and forthcoming trials that are going to require a lot of His grace, and yours too. As these things are complex and will probably be the subject of future blog posts, you can rest assured that we trust in the sovereignty of the Lord and his goodness. He is at work in us and through us and He will be glorified.

Towards the end of the week we were able to slow down and get a little rest. I even snuck in a couple of naps in the afternoons, which is rare for me. God has continued to place people in our path that encourage and embolden us to continue seeking Him. We have been praying for a long time that He would send us people to live with us in the community missionally, and I can say that we have met a lot of candidates, even if they don’t know it themselves yet.

I am hopeful that we will have our land soon and after that we can really put the hammer down and start our capital campaign. We are so encouraged by the progress of The Field’s Edge in just a few short months. I sometimes forget we have only been back since the end of April. We desperately want to have a village up and running to lift people off the streets, but there is a lot to be done and I have to remember to be patient.

The breakfast truck continues to be such a blessing to me every day. The relationships that are building will be crucial to the success of our village and I just love to spend time with my friends on the streets. There is always room for volunteers so if you’d like to go out on a run with me one morning (M-F 6:30AM-9AM) just let me know!


Prayer Requests:

·      Our homeless friend David was hit by a car last week. Pray for healing and that God will encourage him as he feels very alone and hopeless.

·      Continued prayer for our unborn niece and her parents.

·      That God will provide land that is just right for our village.

·      Strength, perseverance, and trust. Wisdom in decision making.

·      Our friends’ baby will be born this week. Pray for the birth mother and a seamless adoption process for Clay and Meghan to bring the baby home.