(Joy)ful Chaos

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If any of you read weekly, you noticed that I did not write last week and you’ll notice that this week is short and a little subpar. I know I often talk about how crazy our week has been but seriously the past two and forthcoming one might take the cake for a while.

I want to begin with the wonderful news that our niece Hannah Joy Griffith was born last Wednesday and the Lord answered our prayers in a big way. They are still in Dallas running tests and working with a team of doctors to plan for the future, but Hannah is doing great and is just the most beautiful gift. We are praying for them to come home soon and so excited to see them. Thank you all for your prayers and we would appreciate continued prayers for a clear and gentle course of action going forward.

Our niece Hannah Joy Griffith

Our niece Hannah Joy Griffith

We had been in the hospital the night before we got that glorious news and when we heard it, Briana and I just bawled and praised God. Briana became severely dehydrated due to a combined stomach bug and sinus infection on top of being 37 weeks pregnant. The fever and dehydration caused her to have significant contractions and we thought it might cause Titus to come early. Thankfully after a lot of IV fluids, we came home and spent the rest of the week in recovery mode and looking at photos and videos of our new niece. My parents have been so gracious in letting us stay with them for the past week. It reminds us that we are so fortunate to have family to fall back on when life gets hard. Our friends on the streets have become homeless because they don’t, and we ache to be the family they never had.

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The tiny house we are going to live in is supposed to be delivered in the next few days but the rain has delayed our plumber and electrician, pushing our move in date to early next week at best. I had some help from a good friend running the trencher to prepare the location. I did everything I possibly could to control the situation and ensure that we would be settled with plenty of time before the baby comes, but I guess this is just another reminder from God that I am not in the driver’s seat. The tiny home that Kahler Homes is building for the Parade of Homes continues to progress and we just cant wait to see the final product. It is going to be a tremendous help to show our community how we aim to cultivate home for our homeless brothers and sisters.

Breaking Bread Mobile continues to be such a joy to be a part of. The early mornings and sleepless nights over the past few weeks have definitely worn me down, but the truck energizes and motivates me to keep chasing the goal to build our tiny home community and bring them home.

Our friend who we serve most days decided to serve others

Our friend who we serve most days decided to serve others

As far as the land goes with all that has been going on, I haven’t really made any progress. Caring for my family has been, and always will be my priority and there have just not been enough hours in the day to take the next steps to proceed. That said, I am planning the steps in my head and as soon as time allows and Lord willing, we are going to put all the pieces together and finally have a place to call home.

The stories from the street continue to impact us and grow our resolve. We look forward to sharing more with you as time allows. Thank you for continuing to pray for The Field’s Edge and for us personally. I may not be able to write next week either but I imagine we will post some pictures of Titus and our new house. Love you guys!


Prayer Requests:

·      Our niece Hannah and her team of doctors. Strength for her family and that they get to come home soon!

·      Our homeless friends who have no shelter in this cold and rainy weather

·      A smooth and healthy birth for Briana and our son Titus and that we are able to move into our house before he gets here.

·      Proverbs 3:5-6

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