our vision

The vision of The Field’s Edge is to build a permanent, supportive, tiny-home community for the chronically homeless in Midland, Texas. This village will bring close to one hundred formerly homeless residents of the Permian Basin into The Field’s Edge family. Every detail of the design is centered on building relationships. People who have never experienced homelessness will be called to live in the village as missional residents. They will live alongside men and women who have spent most of their lives on the street. The gifts and talents of our residents will be developed into microenterprises, enabling them to earn a dignified income. Partnerships are being forged with mental and physical health care providers to give residents the care they need. The Field’s Edge will be a permanent place to call home, a place for neighbors to walk alongside each other for life.

This is a lofty vision—one that by man alone would be impossible. The driving force behind The Field’s Edge is a firm belief that every man, woman, and child are created in the image of God, designed to stir, encourage, and build one another up. This dream will create space for many to come together and participate in the redemptive work of the Kingdom. The ultimate goal of this ministry is to bring all people together into a lifestyle of true homemaking in an increasingly homeless world. Four walls and a roof do not make a home.


Home is found in community with each other.